Used Cars

Top To Bottom Overhaul Everything Checked, Serviced, Repaired or Replaced 6″ Lift Kit New White Seats 10″ Custom Wheels $7,495 Stock # DXXXMX

1994 Re-Newed Villager Gas

4X4 Electric Drive System New Batteries Headlights 6″ Lift Kit 600 AMP Controller with on the fly power output controls!!! $8,495 Stock # A3FXMX

2007 L-31 4X4 Electric Green

This car comes with its very own IT professional. He is shown here lifting the seat of this car. Probably the best placement for him would be in the back seat. SOLD!!!! But we should get more IT guys soon…. Thanks Adam =)… Stock # ICU812MX

1994 Villager 6 Gas WITH IT SUPPORT!!!!!!

New OEM Royal Blue Body Fresh Tune Up & Service New Beige Seats $4,995 Stock # FOTXMX

2012 Precedent Gas

New Batteries Matte Orange Body With Harley Davidson Decals Headlights Custom 12″ Wheels New Black Seats $5,495 Stock # FR5DMX

2011 Precedent Electric HD

New Batteries 19.6 Speed Code Head & Tail Lights Custom 10″ Wheels Custom Seats $5,295 Stock # O3AXMX

2011 Precedent Electric

New Batteries Head & Tail Lights New Beige Seats $5,495 Stock # FOXOMX

2010 Phantom Gas