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Fresh Service 6″ Lift Kit Head and Tail Lights Custom Steering Wheel with Polished Steering Stem New Black Body 32X41X9 Powder Coated Aluminum Box New Custom Seats 10″ Alloy Wheels Stock # D5DOMX

2012 Lifted Black Gas Precedent $7,995 MX

Reliable transportation to and from your next evil heist!!! Works best for packages 300-500 Lbs (The moon and statue of liberty will unfortunately overload this machine) Headlights for all your nocturnal endeavors Fresh Service New BANANA YELLOW Phantom Body New White Seats to complement that oh so glorious BANANA YELLOW BODY!!! […]

2013 Gas Yellow Minion Mobile $5,995 MX

14 HP EFI Engine Fresh Service Deluxe Light Pkg. with turn signals New Custom Seats 120″ Canopy Top Folding Tinted Windshield 12″ Alloy Wheels Economy Folding Rear Seat Kit with Folding Foot Pan Stock # ODX5KC

2014 6-Passenger Gas AT-Blue $9,995 MX